SSL Connection

SSL and SEO to improve Google Rankings

For sometime now, all of the websites that Velocity.Design have developed for clients are delivered as standard as fully responsive with an SSL.

At Velocity.Design we understand the importance of data security and SEO as Google rank indicators – so we have been advising our clients that we will be securing their websites, ever since Google first announced its intentions over a year ago.

Not just because it’s a good idea in terms of security but the added benefits this brings to the performance of the website as an SSL is something which Google is now looking for.

Many browsers are now adopting an adverse approach to any website which doesn’t have an SSL in place – this ranges from highlighting the domain in red – through to simply refusing to open the website to the user trying to access it… who then move on and fine the products and services they were looking for from your competitor – who did secure their website.

Then it’s time to follow up with a programme of SEO…

You have a website… and wondering why visitor numbers are static or even falling. Our next Blog is about why SEO works and what it can do for your business. But if you can’t wait, drop us a line.

If your website is not secure or you just need some help and advice, contact Velocity.Design today on or phone 01463 861467.