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Why Your Business Needs Expert SEO Services

Many online companies are still grappling over the effectiveness of SEO as a digital marketing strategy. That’s fair, you wouldn’t purchase a car without a test drive.

At Velocity.Design we understand this... SEO may not necessarily be a quick fix, but it is the single most intricate strategy to improve your ranking on SERPs. But hey, don’t take Velocity's word for it, how about a little fact checking?

Key stats:

  • According to Internet live stats, there are, on average, 3.5 billion searches a day, on Google alone!
  • The top 5 results on the first page of Google get 75.7% of clicks (Source: SEO facts).
  • Direct website visits influence your overall ranking on SERPs by up to 50%.
  • The Click through rate (CTR) for the first ranked page rounds off at about 20%, while the second page is at 10%.
  • 61% of online enterprises prioritise SEO as a top inbound marketing strategy. (Source: marketing stats).

What does this tell you? Well, for one, SEO is not an abstract concept. Optimizing your website exposes you to billions of potential new clients. Consider the fact that 90% of online users the world over actually use search engines several times every month!

The funny bit of it is, your competitors are very likely within that 61% bracket. So as you neglect SEO, you’re gradually being pushed down the proverbial food chain.

What You Didn’t Know

SEO is actually precision marketing, and with online figures on retail alone projected to go up to 15% in 2019, and headless commerce fast becoming a thing, it is estimated that at some point, e-commerce marketing will require experts.

Currently, the average firm spends about 40-41% of their marketing budget on SEO. This was the figure in 2018. The estimations now are about 45%, which could possibly be hire considering the ridiculously high speeds of online expansion. (Source: web strategies)

One key point, SEO is content driven. Now more than ever before. This metric is usually measurable by the other sites that link to yours. 75% of SEO is actually offsite, which means that the action happens away from your site. In simple terms, if you have content that is useful, other sites will use yours as a resource to drive up the numbers. So, the more links your site attracts, the better your rankings. (Source: SEO facts)

Why Do You Need To Think About SEO?

You’ve seen the facts, and the figures, but is expert SEO really quantifiable? Does it work for everyone? And most importantly, will it work for you?

The answer? A resounding YES! With Velocity Design as your expert SEO partner, you are likely to see results within the first year. Again, it’s not a quick fix. This is mainly because it’s not just about improving brand visibility, it’s about building trust and credibility. Some online companies get up to 63,000 clicks not because they have pretty pictures, but because they’ve gradually built a trusted brand over a period of time.

Our expert SEO services are potentially the most cost effective digital marketing strategy out there. Compared to other strategies, our SEO doesn’t proportionately increase your advertising costs.

Finally, SEO is a way to make people find the heart of your enterprise, to truly understand what your business is about. Understanding breeds trust. Trusting in your brand will influence user-experience (UX). This is the ultimate key to online success.

If your website is not secure or you just need some help and advice, contact Velocity.Design today on engage@velocitydesign.co.ukor phone 01463 861467.

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