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Apple Smartwatch Series 2 Hands-On

This is one perspective of the Apple Watch Series 2 from a particular type of tech guy

one who loves traditional watches and is sympathetic to cool Apple stuff, but who also feels that smartwatches have an up-hill battle trying to convince "watch people" to wear one. People with otherwise naked wrists are far, far easier to convince that an Apple Watch is worth their wrist real estate. But what about me?

Apple has just released version two of their smart watch. Being local in Silicon Valley, and part of the aBlogtoWatch team (which I guess played the more important role), I was once again flattered by Apple's gracious request that we participate in their impressively well-orchestrated high-production keynote event. Plus, since I gifted my original Apple Watch to a nephew a while back, I wanted to see if Apple had finally come out with something that I want to get in order to fill that "Apple Watch" void in my collection.


Apple press conferences are more Hollywood than business, and sitting in the front row, it is certainly a thrill to see tech celebrities (Tim Cook) mingle with pop culture celebrities, like Sia. There was no guarantee that a sequel to the Apple Watch would even be launched. Apple began by speaking about Apple Watch OS3 software and for a brief moment you could tell people were wondering: "are they even going to release new hardware?" But as you of course already know - they did. Ariel covered the Apple Watch Series 2 release live in tandem with the event here, but I wanted to discuss a bit more about the hands-on experience.

During the hands-on section of the event after the keynote, I had a chance to try and also photograph pretty much all the new Apple Watch Series 2 models. First thing to notice is that the design is pretty much the same - so if you hated or loved the previous design, then nothing changed. It's the same size, dimensions, and even weight; though the Apple representative could not confirm if the ceramic version was lighter or heavier than the aluminum (I expect the new ceramic version to come in a bit heavier). In any case, I am doubtful any weight difference would be so significant to make me or most buyers change their mind.

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